Friday, July 16, 2010

Life in UK (Ep4) - Meadowhall again...whee

It's another shopping day at Meadowhall again due to summer sales. Not spent as much as the previous day(where around 70pounds spent out for family&relatives last Mon) but still spent 45pounds plus today(where actually brought not more than 20pounds, but finally spent over budget with my great debitcard). What i bought? Eh hem...some make up stuffs that aren't sale in M'sia, a shoulder bag, 3quarter pants & a hand bag. =D

Garnier dissolver frm Superdrugs, Natural Collection(Boots' own collection) kits frm Boots, NYC shoulder bag frm Sports Direct, 3quater pants frm Primark, & Nica bag frm Topshop(which is not in my shopping Gotta eat plain rice & noodles again for the coming week. =( Omg, i must delete "shopping" frm my mind again!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Life in UK (Ep3) - A Trip in Bakewell, Peak District

Today seems to be a nice day which having small rain in Sheffield. Some of my buddies frm Liverpool came over to Sheffield here for few days. So we decided to had a backpack day trip in Bakewell, Peak District in the early morning. 1 hour journey travelling frm Sheffield City to Peak District by bus. This was the 1st time for our backpacking trip i guess. =P As usual, i bought some (2 pieces) postcards every time reaching a new place. ^^ If u ask me what i seen alot in Peak District...i guess is beautiful flowers & plants! hehe...most of the pics we taken are with the pretty colourful flowers. =D

It was quite enjoyable although we can't manage to make all visits to the attraction places in Peak District (especially the National Park mountain =( )due to the raining weather. Anyway, it's a great experience to backpack for trip by our own instead of following coach trip all the time. =)

Omg, it's raining more heavily now (the most heavy rain i've seen so far in Sheffield with small tender).

Some of the photos frm Bakewell;

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Life in UK (Ep2) - A moment like this

A sentiment dedication to all my dearest friends in this video. It's also a memory video being made. hehe. This video shows trip to Blackpool on July 3rd 2010. 4 hours spent for this video which is satisfying & worth it. Hope the persons who i dedicated enjoy watching this video. =)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Life in UK - Trips Trips Trips!

Time pass so rapidly. It's already the 6th week staying in Sheffield UK now. Had been to many trips around UK every weekends (York, Manchester, London, Cambridge, Blackpool & this coming sat to Whitby) with my classmates & housemates. It's happy staying in UK here. How wonderful it would be if i can live in UK the rest of my life, where such nice weather & environment exist here. ^^ The purpose of flying all the way to England here is to continue with my top-up degree programme. We are too enjoy our life here plus the tripss that persuade us to forgot about & no heart for our top-up programme lol. It's true & we can't deny about enjoying our lifes here!

Below are some proves that shows we are really enjoying our lifes in UK here!! =D

York Minster (YORK Trip)
Manchester United, Old Trafford (MANCHESTER Trip)

Stonehenge (LONDON Trip)

Kings College, Cambridge Uni (CAMBRIDGE Trip)

Pleasure Beach, Blackpool Tower (BLACKPOOL Trip)

It seems that we come to UK for trips & travelling instead of top-up degree programme! Y(^.^)Y

I'm still worrying about the chances of looking for part time job after my 3 months top-up programme. My fb friend yennam & his father(who are working in UK currently) called me before, told me that is not a problem to look for a job(without permit) in UK here, as long as i knw English language. Another friend(knw her in a church in Sheffield) Celina, told me that's not a problem to look for a job as well, as long as working in a more urban side-there wont/might not have inspection by the police officer. However, many of them incl friends & relatives said that it's difficult & no chance to look for a job if without permit. It's because the employer will be fine for a big sum of money or be put in jail for 2 years if being caught by the police officer for employing workers who are without permit. =/