Saturday, September 4, 2010

Life in UK (Ep10) - Party in de House

Three more days to exam...& we had an eating party today! It's really a damn fun & high party in de house! Wondering whether isit to celebrate the end of assignments or the coming of exam, or maybe

We had the party with our neighbors (also known as classmates). We shared de foods tat we planned to cook...fried noodles, salads, bake chicken wings, bake salmon fish & curry chicken. Oh man, it's really tasty although it's de 1st time cook dishes...hehe

Oh my tat de students around de hostel must be fed up with our super noisy laughings & yelling...but i'm sure tat they used with it...haha

It's also de night to celebrate ivan ho's gf early b'day...given her suprise b'day song & cake...she must be super happy cuz of de surprised & a sweet wishing card plus a burberry handbag given by ivan...envy-nya :P

Everyone of us get drunk but it's a damn happy & unforgettable night!