Thursday, July 14, 2011

Working tension-ly

My current works make me really tension...because of the problems arising frm Co-operations & Communications with Consultants...especially the Architect who chase me bout those works, which Contractor not agreed with Engineers' comments that made me unable to finalize my pending documents. Wishing that everything will be going on smoothly tomorrow, as my due date to submit those docs is going to be tmr. Stress...

Right now, i'm even thinking & creating an email to be send to the Contractor to settle out my works...sad isn't it.. & it takes me 1 hour for doing that. Sigh...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Working in HRA

It's going to be the 8th month working in HRA Juruukur Bahan. That's fast...& i've started to had a feeling that i wanna change to a new company bcoz of exciting with new working environments, & de issue is current salaries are not on time. I've been listening to what my colleagues complaining about the salary since i've entered into the company. But well, the fortunate thing was it didn't happen to me since i've entered into the company till last month...& it started to happen now already. Although that happens, to change company still a serious thing that i need to consider about due to other advantages take place.