Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The day without my colleague

Lot's of worries & tension after my colleague gone. Need to handle & follow up the pending projects frm my colleague that made me become depressed..even making the whole office became so busy suddenly. It's unbelievable this day came...thinking back those happy days with all my colleagues. Now, felt that loosen part of my legs.. Even my tears drop while i'm typing this post. Not sure, just can't accept & used with it coz it's so sudden...Before this we were singing, laughing, gossiping, telling ghost stories in the office together with other beloved collegues(sounds doesn't seems like an office rite..). U know, just like lacking a person in the conversation. Anyway, nothing is forever & long lasting...just hoping that i can get well after this.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Time flies as faster than the wind...

It's really been a long time didn't update my post. Previously, my posts was showing that i'm in England, UK. Now, i'm back! There were actually heaps of pictures & videos taken during UK life that wanted to share it here, but just really lack of time. :[

Right now i really have lot's of things wanted to share here but don't knw where to start. Since it's been a long time, i'll start with my current life..though it may be a bit of boring-ness, don't mind yea..just consider it as an intro frm me hehe.

It's unbelievable that i've work for 4 1/2 months in my current company since i've done my studies & back from England... oh well, mine is a consultant quantity surveyor firm(u'll knw whts my co. name & colleagues if follow my fb) that relates to my studies finally.

Erm, if u ask me how's my company, hey i'll say good...working only 7 1/2 hours(excl lunch hour), a small co. that i can escape frm gossiping & politics & can concerning more on each others. But the most important thing is i'm having a good & fun gang of colleagues(pics in fb :p) We sings, dance, chit-chats, shouts, laughs in the office & awww, isn't it fun....but it's quite sad that one of my colleague will going to leave & fly to Sg. soon(it's tmr!). :( Plus, there will be a new guy coming in soon, that made every one of us feel strange & awkward coz we are unable to talk our "girls" topics anymore...somemore, he is having a couple of yrs of age different frm us that we thinks there couldn't be any "tally" topics we can have after all.

I just can't finish my speech for now...gotta continue in the next post . :)

Love, Faith chw