Monday, August 1, 2011

Went to An Interview

I've went to an interview at subang jaya in a medium construction firm last two weeks. Why do i going for interview? ...Haha, it's just like millions over thousands ppl, which are to look and grab for other better offer. And don't misunderstood, nope it's not because of my current co. not good..but just to upgrade myself  by looking over more offers & interviews...or maybe to try luck in getting the super best offer! ;)

Well, the interview was getting on smoothly & they offered me the job with some benefits..which include salaries that we've negotiated(ofcos higher than my current one), 2 months bonus in every yr, increment in every yr for good performers & ofcos increment after 3 months probation. Plus, some training programmes on measurements! Wow, it's desirable offer isn't it.

They also offered me 2 yrs in measurements(which i personally think that it having advantage & disadvantage)!

Anyway, they called me after a week & i refused their offer though. Wonder why? Becos, my intend for the interview it's to experience more on different kind of interviews & in fact, i got some minor construction knowledge frm the interviewer. & do u think that's worth it in doing 2 yrs measurements?! Yet, i haven't prepared to move to another co. bcos of satisfying my current co. environments. Maybe attach at least 1 or 2 years in my current co. first(but only 8 months till now). :)