Monday, April 25, 2011

Time flies as faster than the wind...

It's really been a long time didn't update my post. Previously, my posts was showing that i'm in England, UK. Now, i'm back! There were actually heaps of pictures & videos taken during UK life that wanted to share it here, but just really lack of time. :[

Right now i really have lot's of things wanted to share here but don't knw where to start. Since it's been a long time, i'll start with my current life..though it may be a bit of boring-ness, don't mind yea..just consider it as an intro frm me hehe.

It's unbelievable that i've work for 4 1/2 months in my current company since i've done my studies & back from England... oh well, mine is a consultant quantity surveyor firm(u'll knw whts my co. name & colleagues if follow my fb) that relates to my studies finally.

Erm, if u ask me how's my company, hey i'll say good...working only 7 1/2 hours(excl lunch hour), a small co. that i can escape frm gossiping & politics & can concerning more on each others. But the most important thing is i'm having a good & fun gang of colleagues(pics in fb :p) We sings, dance, chit-chats, shouts, laughs in the office & awww, isn't it fun....but it's quite sad that one of my colleague will going to leave & fly to Sg. soon(it's tmr!). :( Plus, there will be a new guy coming in soon, that made every one of us feel strange & awkward coz we are unable to talk our "girls" topics anymore...somemore, he is having a couple of yrs of age different frm us that we thinks there couldn't be any "tally" topics we can have after all.

I just can't finish my speech for now...gotta continue in the next post . :)

Love, Faith chw

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