Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chilling experience during interview O.O

Hey there, i wanna share something & this gives me an idea of starting out my blog...

Just few days ago, i went to a pub for an interview with 2 of my friends(coz we're planning to work parttime at night in club/pub)...the environment inside looks like a proper pub, but when the staff bring us to the room at the upper floor(the place where we had interview), it looks like a gangsters place...full of smokes...& what that frightened us was...we saw plenty packets of drugss in the room! Even the staffs' expression there can be obviously seen had been taken drugs...walao...

During the interview, my friends applied for bartender & i as receptionist. Finally, due to unable to arrange our time for work, we gotta refuse the job offered. Anyway, it's good for us not to work at there...can eliminate frm drugss. If not, we gotta lockup by de police everyday if working full time

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