Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wondering why...

One of my friend(who been to pub interview with me) told me that she wanna work in a snooker bistro which offers waitress vacancies. She has just been to the interview and the salary offered by them was... RM900 per month(6days/wk, 7 hours/day)! omg, it's so less......& she has agreed to work. =.=

She is currently having her practical training at day(mon-fri), & planning to work partime at night(which the snooker bistro fits her time). I actually had given her advices about working other parttime jobs such as promoter(on sat & sun)...which having high pay per day(>RM100). But i don't understand why she don't want...& instead of working relax-ly on weekends, she prefer for parttime job straight away after her prac. training hours & without sleeping the whole night...with low pay!

Anyway, i respect her decision & hope she'll enjoy her works...

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