Monday, May 17, 2010

Mini Unplug 6 Memory

Wohooo...IDK Champion!!!
(Perform: You Belong With Me
Vocalist: Faith Chow
Keyboardist 1: Zack Lim
Keyboardist 2: Ying Shien
Drummer: Vic Chiew
Our beloved tutor: Jason Teoh)

This is a Mini Unplug 6 that was held on 3rd of April 2010, Saturday. It was a live band competition organized by Music2U. There are total 11 band groups for final. We are the "Group IDK". Our group members consist of Faith Chow as vocalist, Zack Lim as keyboardist 1, Ying Shien as keyboardist 2, & Vic Chiew as drummer. Also, special thanks to our beloved tutor Mr. Jason Teoh for his kind & sentiment thoughts & teachings. ^^ We can't believe that we got champion on that day due to many challengers & it's such a great experience plus unforgettable memories during the practices & throughout the competition! ^^

Champion of Mini Unplug 6

Finalist, MCs, & Committee of Mini Unplug 6
at Cola Club Genting Klang

Demo recording time in M2U before final

Practice time in M2U before mini unplug
(our cute tutor standing behind)

Practicing in M2U

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