Friday, July 16, 2010

Life in UK (Ep4) - Meadowhall again...whee

It's another shopping day at Meadowhall again due to summer sales. Not spent as much as the previous day(where around 70pounds spent out for family&relatives last Mon) but still spent 45pounds plus today(where actually brought not more than 20pounds, but finally spent over budget with my great debitcard). What i bought? Eh hem...some make up stuffs that aren't sale in M'sia, a shoulder bag, 3quarter pants & a hand bag. =D

Garnier dissolver frm Superdrugs, Natural Collection(Boots' own collection) kits frm Boots, NYC shoulder bag frm Sports Direct, 3quater pants frm Primark, & Nica bag frm Topshop(which is not in my shopping Gotta eat plain rice & noodles again for the coming week. =( Omg, i must delete "shopping" frm my mind again!

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