Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Life in UK (Ep3) - A Trip in Bakewell, Peak District

Today seems to be a nice day which having small rain in Sheffield. Some of my buddies frm Liverpool came over to Sheffield here for few days. So we decided to had a backpack day trip in Bakewell, Peak District in the early morning. 1 hour journey travelling frm Sheffield City to Peak District by bus. This was the 1st time for our backpacking trip i guess. =P As usual, i bought some (2 pieces) postcards every time reaching a new place. ^^ If u ask me what i seen alot in Peak District...i guess is beautiful flowers & plants! hehe...most of the pics we taken are with the pretty colourful flowers. =D

It was quite enjoyable although we can't manage to make all visits to the attraction places in Peak District (especially the National Park mountain =( )due to the raining weather. Anyway, it's a great experience to backpack for trip by our own instead of following coach trip all the time. =)

Omg, it's raining more heavily now (the most heavy rain i've seen so far in Sheffield with small tender).

Some of the photos frm Bakewell;

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