Saturday, August 21, 2010

Life in UK (Ep7) - A memorable hostel life

Finally!!! We had handed in the assg that we rushed (but still have the final assg need to be submit by nxt wk), so i use the free time now to continue with my blogging (actually wanted to create this post earlier but lack of time...hehe).

Alright, i wanna use this chance in this post to reveal how four of us live in our hostel during our top-up programme in Sheffield!

Profile of the four:
---- Shane Ee(the famous photographer not in worldwide, but in the house)
---- Yan Tyng(big sister of accent)
---- Ally Beh(leader of humorous)
---- Faith Chow(huge eater in the house)

So, now is the moment to reveal our attitude in the hostel... =D

(i have no idea why the ending part music seems like not matching the slides after converting into video, where actually is match when i'm creating it...)

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