Sunday, August 29, 2010

Life in UK (Ep9) - A date in Chinos & haha..

It's a study week now, but we haven't even touch our notes yet.. 2 of my housemates went to overnight trips with other friends..left me & yan tyng in de house. So we decided to have lunch outside with the other classmate Ivan Ng in Chinos today...had chicken meal sets + pepsi for 2.50pounds only! Chinos is one of our favourite place where offers large sets of chicken meal with drink for free for a GREAT value. Most of us even can't finish up de meals & it ofcoz did happen to 3 of us...& finally brought it back as supper(i'm actually not one of them-am a huge eater!)...hehe

As usual, to decorate my blog i've uploaded some vid & pics below... :)

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