Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Life in UK (Ep8) - Scarborough + Whitby Trip

This was our 6th weekend trip which is Scarborough and Whitby.

First of all, there's a huge & pretty Scarborough Castle with beautiful views surrouding it. Due to paid for entry, we choosen not to enter, just to pictured outside.

Secondly, there's a beautiful beach in Whitby where u can see lots of families, kids, & couples are enjoying there.

Plus, a most well known food called "Fish & Chips" selling in McPie cafe. There's always a long queue & u can't believe tat de queue is almost cover up de road! U wonder how big is the size...look at 1 of de pic below tat i'm showing it.. I've realize that fish&chips is popular in & been eating it since frm Blackpool trip. Seriously, the taste frm Whitby is much more better than wonder having rumors of "famous fish&chips in whitby".

Hmm...oyea, there're many flies around too. Anywhere, anytime, especially when u're enjoying de famous fish&chips, & wearing ur fav yellow colour clothes...they will fly all over to share ur chips, to shoot pics with ur pretty yellow shirt!!

There're also ducks selling in a store at market street, knwn as "Lucky Ducks". It's a small duckling made of glass by the artists, with different colours representing different months which cost 2.50pounds each if not mistaken.

Somemore, it's a place where such lots of cute couple dogs & puppies can be seen pulling by their masters all de way in Whitby.

Scarborough Castle 

Beautiful & relax beach

Famous Fish & Chips

Lucky Ducks

Cute couple doggie

View more beautiful Whitby photos at:!/album.php?aid=193694&id=588877071

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